Surface-refined thin sheet

Grades for Z/ZF/ZA/AZ/AS
DX51D – DX57D Deep-drawing steel in acc. w. DIN EN 10327
S220GD – S350GD Constructional steel in acc. w. DIN EN 10326
HX260LAD – HX420LAD Steel with a high yield point DIN EN 10292
e.g.: DP 600 / HCT 600 X Multiphase steels for the automobile industry
Grades for ZE
DC01 – DC06 Unalloyed quality steel in acc. w. DIN EN 10152
HC260LA – HC420LA Micro-alloyed steel in acc. w. DIN EN 10268
HC180Y – HC260Y High-tensile IF-steel in acc. w. DIN EN 10268
HC160B – HC300B Brake-hardening steel in acc. w. DIN EN 10268

Surface refinementFeinblech

  • Hot galvanized (Z)
  • Zinc-iron alloyed (ZF)
  • Zinc-aluminium coated (ZA)
  • Aluminium-zinc coated (AZ)
  • Aluminium-silicon coated (AS)

Surface types

  • Standard zinc spangles
  • little/no zinc spangles
  • finished surfaces (15µ-50µ)
  • film-coated surfaces (100µ-200µ)

Surface grades

  • standard surface
  • improved surface
  • best surface

Surface treatment (dependent on the surface refinement)

  • chemically passivated
  • oiled
  • chemically passivated and oiled
  • phosphated
  • phosphated and oiled
  • sealed

Other grades and qualities on request

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